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Almanac: Mongolia and Mongolians
The first almanac on history of Mongolia. This book was published by copyright and standard by National Geographic Society of the USA. Historical almanac is a type of book that tells about history chronically with illustrations, citations, facts and small articles.
History of Mongolia: from world power to soviet satellite


Baabar’s History of Mongolia is a unique history book. It is the first history of Mongolia available in English to draw upon both academic scholarship and archival data that only became available with the collapse of the socialist regime in 1990.
History of mongolia

History of mongolia by Baabar

History of mongolia by Baabar

Francois Bedarida
Translated by: Gombosuren

He was not only a politician and a military man but a man of many talents, a great speaker, historian, writer, journalist and painter. Sir Winston Churchill is without a doubt one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century.
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